The fruity scents listed at the top are available year round, both in the 2.5 and 8 oz sizes. Seasonal Varieties are available for a limited number of weeks each year and head out to ZDough Subscribers at the beginning of each season. Follow along on our Instagram feed @z_dough to learn when subscriptions, holiday sets, and new varieties are available!

ZDough is a silky play dough made of household ingredients with vibrant colors and natural scents that provides the perfect medium for people to explore with all of their senses. Young children love to squish their fingers in it, older children can spend hours sculpting and building with it, and adults will enjoy the rich scents and smooth texture.

It is an excellent tool for:

Size Comparison.JPG
  • young children to play, build fine motor skills, and explore their creativity

  • adults looking to de-stress by keeping their hands busy while their minds wander

  • teachers, occupational therapists, and art therapists

Unlike traditional play dough, each ZDough variety has its own scent. These come from the essential oils, spices and baking flavorings that add a new sensory experience to the fun of playing with the dough. It's perfect for young children who explore the world with all of their senses and adults who enjoy aromatherapy. The vibrant colors are derived from intensely pigmented food coloring, giving ZDough a unique look that children gravitate to. 

Each ZDough variety is available in a durable and reusable glass jar and will last for months when played with frequently and properly stored in the jar provided. That said, ZDough is chemical-free and does not last forever, especially if it sits on a shelf unused! Plan to play with your ZDough within a week of receiving it. Pre-orders, up to 2 months before a holiday or special event, are always welcome! If you're ordering ahead just specify the date by which you would like to receive your order in the Message to Seller section.

ZDough does not dry out nearly as easily as traditional play dough, but if it does become dry simply lay a damp cloth over the dough and then knead it until it springs back to its smooth consistency! In high heat and humidity the dough may become too soft. Simply pop it in the fridge for a half hour and then enjoy playing with your nice cool dough. Of course every ball of play dough does meet its end eventually, so when you've retired your dough please reuse the jars. They're excellent for storing supplies in your office, play room, classroom or kitchen. 

ZDough is made from all food-grade ingredients: flour, water, salt, cream of tartar, oil, food coloring, essential oils, baking flavors, and spices. Despite this list of common household ingredients, ZDough is not meant to be eaten and can pose a choking risk for babies and children under 2 years. It is a great product for the young to the young at heart, but as with all toys, adult supervision is important for the littlest play dough enthusiasts.


Whether you're giving a gift, having a themed party, or just looking to spread some cheer, a personalized gift proves that the delight is in the details. Glitter can be added to any color of play dough, making it shimmer and sparkle! Personalized stamping is available as well, along with various seasonal stamps and phrases like Happy Birthday and Thank You! Look for special sets around each holiday- they typically feature limited edition varieties and gift wrap.