ZDough for the Holidays!

ZDough really isn't a seasonal item, especially not in our house where we play with it almost every day. Its versatility is part of what I love about it, but now that we're nearing the holidays I couldn't pass up a few holiday ZDough options. Here is a bit more about them:

Christmas ZDough Set: This gift-wrapped set comes with 8 oz. of Spiced Cranberry and Vanilla Mint ZDough and a set of mini letter stamps. Here's to fun with a little dash of literacy too ;) *All gift sets can be personalized!*

ZDough Stocking Stuffers: The 2.5 oz. ZDough mini tins are rarely offered individually, but around the holidays I've made an exception. These make the PERFECT stocking stuffer, and this way you can buy just the number that you need. You can choose from any of the regular varieties as well as the Christmas varieties described above.

Winter ZDough Set: This gift-wrapped set comes with three 8 oz. tins of ZDough in the winter varieties- Wintergreen, Peppermint & Rose. It makes for a great play activity when the weather outside is not so delightful... *All gift sets can be personalized!*


I've rolled out a new option for holiday orders this year. If you'd like to place your order now (and get a few things off your To Do List!) you can elect to have your ZDough made and shipped in early December so it will be at its most fresh and fun for the holidays. Just write HOLIDAY SHIPPING in the Note to Seller section.