Shout out from Artist & Craftsman in New Haven!

I stopped into Artist & Craftsman in New Haven today and received the warmest welcome from their staff. These people definitely know their art materials, and they were so excited by a play dough that smells great and is silky and soft. I left some ZDough samples from the Rainbow Set in their shop, and if you're downtown you should definitely check them out! They have every craft material under the sun, not to mention great gifts for people of all ages. Here's what they had to say on FaceBook:

"We had a great visit from local craftsperson Kira Rama today. She showed us her hand made product ZDough , and is REALLY neat stuff. It's a kids modeling material that has bright colors, and smells sooooo good (like CRAZY good). We're ALL about supporting our local artists and craftspeople, especially when we love the product, so check out her Facebook and Etsy page ( If you are tired of mass produced crap for your young ones, you may really like her colored modeling dough. Feel free to come by the store here to check out a sample she left behind!"