ZDough Giveaways for Autism Awareness Month!

Attention friends, parents and teachers,

ZDough has teamed up with Autism Sensory Box this month to provide new and exciting sensory materials to kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Check out their FaceBook page, www.facebook.com/AutismSensoryBox, for amazing giveaways all month long in honor of Autism Awareness. I will be giving away two 8 oz. tins of Eucalyptus and two 8 oz. tins of Lavender ZDough. Enter to win the Eucalyptus tins on April 16 and the Lavender tins on April 19!

As a former Special Education teacher I worked with many kids on the spectrum and think that ZDough would provide a wonderful sensory experience, both through the tactile interaction with the dough as well as through the scents. The Eucalyptus and Lavender doughs are scented with essential oils and have a natural calming effect. As always, the ingredients in ZDough are all food-grade, but eating it is not recommended. While ZDough smells great it does not taste good! So enter for the giveaways and let's start playing!!