It's time to party!

Is it me or are you getting a lot of birthday invites this time of year? We've been to parties the last two weekends in a row, and it's been inspiring a lot of card-making (on the part of my daughter) and ZDough production (for me!) It also gave me the idea to put together a little party throwing guide to make the process simpler and more fun, whether you're a guest or the host.

Now if you're the lucky duck throwing the party, you may be thinking, "What am I going to have all these kids DO while they're here?" Well rest assured because I've got you covered! The 2 lb. pail of ZDough packs enough play dough for 8 kids to play at one time. Just order your favorite variety, find a low table the guests can gather around, set out a few tools or toys for kiddos to use in the dough, and let the fun begin! The tools and toys can go with the theme of the party, if there is one, or just provide the little ones with different options in their play. I recommend wooden toys, stamps, and rolling pins, like the Humble Elephant pins pictured above, as a starting point. The best part? Kids and adults of all ages can enjoy the activity, there is no right or wrong way to play, and no one needs to be policing what happens at the table (aside from watching that one kid who always wants to nibble more than play... That's what the snack table is for! Remember ZDough smells amazing but is not tasty!) If you're feeling ambitious you can also send each guest home with a mini tin of ZDough as a favor. It will keep their creativity going and definitely beats a trip to the dollar store for plastic stuff!

And if you are a party-goer, it's even simpler! ZDough gift sets make an easy and thoughtful gift. They even come gift wrapped, and I'm happy to personalize by stamping names or short messages into the dough! And to all of you Madison locals, while I make ZDough to order I do usually have some lying in wait if you need a gift at the last minute. Reach out because I can usually pull something together!

So remember, all a good party needs are people you love, some food and drink, and something for the little ones to do so they channel all of their party energy in positive ways ;) Hopefully at your next party you and your guests will have a ball!