December Play Ideas

As the weather gets chillier, it's important to have some fun indoor play options. Enter ZDough! With a few items from around the house you can turn your Wintergreen ZDough into a crowd pleaser for little ones and adults alike :)

1. You've probably got some cookie cutters and a rolling pin lying around, and instead of making another batch of cookies you can use them with your ZDough! Kiddos can do this unassisted (parent win!) and can decorate what they make with pom poms, jewels, foam shapes, etc. Really whatever you have close at hand (that you aren't concerned about your little one trying to eat!)

2. Now add a few stamps into the mix! Any rubber stamps will work (think fun without the mess of ink!), but letter stamps make the perfect addition for young learners. They can make messages, practice writing their name, or just immerse themselves in the joy of squishing the stamps into the dough. We also happened to have some dyed pasta on hand, so that became another play material :)

3. What to up your game? These engraved rolling pins from Humble Elephant are sized for children's hands and pair perfectly with the dough! They combine the fun of stamps with the ease of a rolling pin and come in a variety of options from alligators & frogs to hearts & flowers. PS. They can be used in the kitchen too! Check them out at